how to find sales people

How to Find Top Sales Talent


We spend a lot of time focused on how small businesses can do a better job of marketing themselves here...but today we're going to take a different view.


We're going to look at what it takes to find, hire and develop a top-shelf sales team. To uncover the real secrets to a winning sales team I sat down to interview Steve Clark, President of New School Selling and author of the book Profitable Persuasion: Proven strategies for Sales and Management Success.

On this episode of the Small Business Marketing Show Steve shares...

  • The reasons behind the dismal state of sales performance.
  • The seven attributes of star sales people.
  • How to find top sales people (it's not in the places you think).
  • Strategies for growing and developing your sales talent.

Steve Clark has a number of outstanding and free resources for you on his website. I encourage you to visit him at