increase sales

How to increase sales

Trying to increase sales? You're probably going about it the hard way.

Most of the sales improvement efforts I see focus on making radical improvements in one area…often hard to do.

For example…trying to increase lead generation by 50%…or boost closing rate by 30%…big jumps that will be expensive and difficult.

Companies that take this approach usually don't have a well defined sales PROCESS (key word).

Increasing profits is easy when you've got a defined, repeatable , consistent sales process. Here's why it's easy…

Let's say our sales process has 7 steps:

  1. Generate a leads
  2. Convert leads to a sales appointment
  3. Submit a proposal
  4. Close the sale
  5. Get a repeat sale
  6. Get a referral

Instead of trying to radically improve lead generation or closing rate…it's simpler to make smaller improvements at each stage.

Like a little 2% increase at each stage results in a 21% increase in sales…and the increase is almost 100% profit.

But you've got to have a defined marketing and sales process. My clients have one…you should too.

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