90 Days to $1 Million - How Walter Bergeron Transformed His Business With Autopilot Marketing

Automated marketing transforms business in 90 days
Automated marketing transforms business in 90 days

What if you could add $1,000,000 to your business in the next 90 days? Most business owners over estimate what they can accomplish in a month...but they dramatically underestimate what can be accomplished in 90 days.


In this episode of the Small Business Marketing Show, I talk to Walter Bergeron, author of The Million Dollar Total Business Transformation. Walter describes how he used autopilot marketing systems to add $1,000,000 in revenue in just 90 days.

To get it done, Walter had to overcome the biggest obstacles that I see entrepreneurs face...

  • Finding the time to work on marketing (you'll love Walter's surprising solution to this...)
  • Getting hung up in the search for perfection...when on simple mantra will make you much more money and save you hours of stress.
  • Working sequentially instead of focusing on parallel implementation.

Listen to the interview to learn exactly how Walter overcame these challenges and how a massive marketing burst can change your business in the next 90 days.

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How to Sell More By Doing Less

The #1 reason small businesses stay small is that they don't figure out how to move beyond 1-on-1 selling. 1-on-1 selling is time is labor intensive...and it doesn't scale well in traditional business models.

So the only way to grow the business is to work more...

See more people...

Make more calls...

...and you, Mr. Small Business owner only have 24-hours to cram more selling into.

It's a tough problem. And the worst part is that staying trapped in the 1-on-1 selling model keeps more business owners from realizing the the "promise" of entrepreneurship which is freedom. Freedom of time and freedom of income.

That's why we go into business. We want to set our own hours and make money so we can have more freedom to do the things we love in life. No one starts a business by saying...

"I'd really like to work from 4:30am to 10:00pm 6 days a week, miss my kids plays and grow an ulcer as I figure out how to pay my staff this week."

No...we all start believing that this is the answer...the secret passage to the life of freedom we're meant to live.

But most don't get there, because the model they use to grow the business doesn't scale beyond the 24-hours they can personally invest in the business each day. you you get past this barrier? Marketing!

Marketing...specifically, direct response marketing paired with an autopilot marketing system that delivers new leads and qualifies them for you...that's the only silver bullet I've ever found to get you out of jail and into the life of freedom you want.

On this Small Business Marketing Clinic call I share the story of the first time I experienced direct response marketing and you won't believe the business it came from.

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Follow-up, follow-up, follow-up...if you would just fix your follow-up your small business would rocket forward. Marketing and sales would become EASY! In this call, I talk about the importance of follow-up and the right way vs. the wrong way to implement follow-up marketing.

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