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Secrets of Generating Leads - Interview with Jason Leister

Leads, Leads, Leads...

You need more leads!

And this week on the Small Business Marketing Show we're talking to a master of lead generation--Jason Leister.

Jason shares some amazing secrets to generating the leads you need to grow your business, including...

  • Why lead generation is so important.
  • Taking the long view when generating leads.
  • How to be valuable to your prospects.
  • Simple ways to stay in front of the leads you generate.
  • The importance of persistence...and how to do it.

Jason publishes a fantastic daily email--The Client Letter--you can get it at ArtOfClients.com.

The Art of Growing Clients

Last week I got a newsletter in the mail from colleague Jason Leister (you'll hear more from him in a special interview on Wednesday…stay tuned). One of the articles talked about the idea of "growing clients." Something I've been thinking about for several months…

We underestimate the importance of the growing process for our clients…we expect that we'll just show up and "harvest" them.

Doesn't work like that (and you know it). And my last three new clients are poster children for the need to "grow."

One has been on my email list for almost three years. A year ago he bought a low-priced training course from me. Now he's ready for 1-on-1 help.

The second, I've known in the business community for close to two years…said he'd been "thinking about it for a while" and was now ready.

The third, I've met with a number of times over the last few years, he's flirted with getting my help, but never committed until now.

They've all been "with me" for YEARS. They all knew they had a problem or challenge that I might be able to help with…but they just weren't ready yet.

And that's OK.

I take the long view with my prospects (and you should too).

By the time each one approached me about working together, I had no competition. I worked for years to slowly build trust with them…one email or webinar or newsletter at a time.

I was patient and persistent.

And you know in your heart and in your head that patience and persistence pays off.

But you're not doing it.

You don't have a system to do it. (Hey, without a system I'd have never worked with these three clients.)

But you can get a system…a system like mine (and like the one these three clients will have soon).

All you have to do is take the first step here

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marketing consultant steve gordon