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Why you're not getting more referrals

Yesterday I on-boarded a new client and at the end of the meeting he turned and said "Now I need to ask you for some referrals." As he uttered those words you could feel the dynamic in the room change…in an instant.

It's not that I don't want to give him referrals…I do and I will. It's how he asked.

When you ask like that, it's more about you than me.

And when it's about you, not me…you're not communicating in the language I prefer. The "let's talk about me language."

Now…don't judge me a narcissist just yet, because you KNOW you think that way too…and so do your clients.

Asking in the way my client did was a one way transfer of value. He got it all, and I got nothing. And, most importantly, he didn't offer my contacts any particular value upon introduction.

Sure he's good at what he does…yes, when I refer him he'll do a good job…but that alone isn't enough to earn an introduction.

I'll bet you're asking your clients in this same way…it's common.

And you're probably not getting as many quality referrals as you'd like.

The fix for this pesky little referral problem is to orchestrate the referral. Have a "ceremony", a process, something special and valuable for both your client and the person they introduce you to.

For this new client, we'll create a "referral kit" with some really valuable information in it…information that can only be had if you're introduced by a friend (like being one of the cool kids).

Then, he won't have to beg for something…he'll be giving something valuable.

Big difference.

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A Sweet Way to Get More Referrals

I have a sweet spot (pun intended) in my heart for Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This weekend my folks were in town and Dad loves to bring boxes full of the melt-in-your-mouth goodies for our kids.

(Side note: Krispy Kreme has a "Hot Doughnuts Now" app...it'll use GPS to locate the nearest store with fresh diet busting goodness...it's on my iPhone...don't judge)

So Mom and Dad show up and stuck to the top of the box of doughnuts was an excellent example of how to orchestrate a referral...a 1-page flyer with holiday gift tags.

You know, the ones you stick on presents, except the back of each of these tags had a free offer. Some gave the recipient a free cup of coffee, others, a free doughnut. No purchase necessary...just a freebie.

Do you think Krispy Kreme customers will give them to friends & family? You bet (I may refer myself a few times too).

That's how you ORCHESTRATE referrals.

Orchestrated referrals are predictable...they can be systematized and they are far more effective than simply asking.

Imagine if the teenage clerk that's selling the doughnuts asked you if you knew anyone who might like some doughnuts...

You might think of one person (on a good day).

But when you get 12 totally free gifts to give away, you're likely to pass them on. That's 12 referrals, less effort on the part of the business and greater chance of success.

So here's your challenge...how can you adapt this idea to orchestrate referrals in your business? (It can be applied to ANY business with the right imagination.)

Steve Gordon

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