ryan chapman

Up Sell Magic: How to increase initial customer value the right way

The most famous phrase in fast food, "Would you like fries with that" is nothing more than a simple, elegant up sell. Today on the Small Business Marketing Show I talk with Ryan Chapman, up sell expert, and author of "Would You Like to Go Big? How to Increase Initial Customer Value Without Sacrificing Lifetime Value." Ryan shares answers to like:

  • Why are up sells such a big deal?
  • Where do people mess up with up sells?
  • What are the keys to successful up sells online? ...and Offline?
  • And a whole lot more...

Adding a relevant up sell offer is one of the best ways to both serve your clients better AND give a big boost to your profits.


To get a free copy of Ryan's book Would You Like To Go Big? (Ryan's even offered to pay the shipping!) Click here.