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One plus one = ten

Last week, I had a phone call with a friend and as we do most of the time, it was free range… We were all over the place, talking about his business and mine.

About 30-minutes into the call, I got what (in all modesty) is a great idea.

One that helps him…

Helps my clients and prospects…

And will help me.

Everybody wins.

That's one plus one = 10. (I call that new marketing math!)

Are you having free range conversations with your entrepreneurial friends?

I recommend them on a regular basis.


P.S. One other way to get "new marketing math"…work with me one-on-one.

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8 Numbers That Will Predict Your Business Future

If you want to improve your small business marketing you need to start tracking key metrics in your sales process. It's the only way to predict the future of your business. In this episode I cover the 8 most important metrics and how they relate to your sales process.

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The Importance of Clarity To Attracting Your Ideal Client

The obstacle standing between you and any goal you want to achieve is clarity about the outcome you want. Marketing is no different. I've invested the last two weeks examining precisely WHO is my ideal client. On this call I share with you what I learned from my own examination...and the process I use to help business owners discover their ideal client.

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Small Business Marketing Clinic - June 29, 2012 - The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

In this call I share the ultimate small business marketing strategy...

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Top 10 Ways to Never, Ever Be A "Commodity Business" - Letterman Style

No one should ever have to suffer inside a commodity business..."it just ain't no fun!" Here are the top 10 ways to get out, get happy and get profitable:

#10. Get better marketing. Use direct response, lead generation strategies to get prospects to call YOU for free information...then follow-up forever. (Only 10% of prospects ever get more than 3 follow-ups...there's not much competition after that.)

#9. Be a conduit to important connections/resources/information. Make doing business with you the golden ticket to access all the extra goodness.

#8. Get more referrals. According to best selling author Tom Hopkins referred prospects are 500% more likely to close than cold prospects. And you can bet low price isn't their #1 buying criteria.

#7. Stop selling commodity units and start creating unique packages. Package what you sell with other related products and services that enhance your main product. Bundle them together to force an "apples to oranges" comparison.

#6. Come up with a better guarantee. Strong, creative, comprehensive guarantees are proven to increase sales. And it's often a great (and free) way to stand apart from your competition.

#5. Stop selling to everyone and focus on one specific type of client (at a time). Be the ____________ (what you do) for ____________ (specific type of client).

#4. Raise your prices...and create added value to justify the bump. Sometimes higher prices will drive higher volume. Test to see what combination of price/volume delivers more PROFIT. You don't deposit volume in the do deposit net profit.

#3. Look at what the competition is doing and do the opposite. Listen to the wisdom of Earl Nightengale in his 1956 recording "The Strangest Secret"...“Look at what the majority of people are doing, and do the exact opposite, and you’ll probably never go wrong for as long as you live.”

#2. Anoint yourself as the expert in your market. Write, speak, blog, email to claim and hold the position of expert and leader. “We all like to buy something from an expert--somebody we like, respect and trust.” - Joe Sugarman (creator and marketer of Blue Blocker sunglasses and countless other successful products.)

And the #1 Way to Never, Ever be a Commodity.........

1. Decide not to.

Yes folks it's just that simple (not necessarily easy...but simple). Make the decision, then do what's necessary to get out of the commodity trap. You deserve better!

Steve Gordon

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