trust based marketing

How Lance Armstrong Killed Your Sales

Have you been watching this Lance Armstrong train wreck? I don't watch the news much (gave up brainwashing long ago)…but I understand the world's highest bike rider is ready to confess what we already knew…

That's he'd been cheating all along AND lying about it.

So what does this have to do with YOUR sales?

More than you think…

Your buyers have seen this story. A bunch of them liked him and looked up to him before 'ol Lance's world came crashing down.

They "trusted" him…

And now they've been burned.


Right now, they're thinking "Who's gonna get caught lying next?"


Hey, I know you're cool, but your buyers find it harder and harder to trust anyone. Can't blame 'em really.

But you've got to deal with the absence of trust.

That's one BIG reason traditional advertising doesn't work as well as it used to…it's based on the buyer's trusting relationship with the brand…but we've been burned by BIG NAME BRANDS.

- Enron - Countrywide - Exxon (remember the Valdez that soiled my home state of Alaska?)

And there are many more..and that's the point.

So how do you build trust?

Simple…you make more deposits of value on your prospects than withdrawals. You tie before you sell…you educate…you show up in your prospects lives and businesses like no one else…you speak plainly (like a human not a "brand").

As you watch Lance confess his lies to Oprah listen carefully…you'll hear the trust leaving the world. Leaving your buyers.

What's your plan to build it up in your part of the world again?

Steve Gordon