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Secrets of Authentic Video Marketing with Steve Washer

Want to bond with clients and prospects quickly? Video is just the thing for you. Of all the marketing mediums it's the closest thing to "face-to-face"...without being, know.

And that's the real power in video. Never mind that prospect's don't read much...they'd rather sit back and watch, than read. Never mind that Google loves video and often give your videos a preferential nod in the search results. Never mind that video proves again and again an asset in selling in advance.

Video is where it's at...and where your marketing should be going. But you've got to do it in an authentic way...and I know just the guy to help.

This week on the Small Business Marketing Show, I interview the "Sherlock Holmes of Video Marketing", Mr. Steve Washer.


Steve shares some great tips on how to start out with video marketing and what key's to think about as you design your videos.

AND...he's invited you to the Video Superhero Summit where he'll be presenting on May 17th.

To find out more about Steve Washer and grab his fantastic "Fast Start Video Marketing Kit" (it's free) go to

Steve's got a TON of great video information on his site...check it out.

How To Use Video Marketing To Get More Clients

Online video marketing is the most effective tool to attract more of your ideal clients on the Internet. But it’s overlooked by too many small businesses when they think about social media marketing. Video marketing is cheap, easy to do and it’s great for search engine rankings AND for getting more clients. Here’s why…YouTube is the 3rd largest website in the world behind Facebook and Google (yes, Google’s now #2) in terms of number of visits per day. YouTube is also the #2 search engine behind Google. So there are a lot of eyeballs on YouTube that you’re missing if you focus all of your social media effort on Facebook and Twitter.

Video marketing is about attracting your IDEAL clients with relevant, high-value content that targets prospects early in the buying process, while they are still looking for information and options to solve their problem.

Video marketing is not a replacement for traditional commercials. No one watches them on TV, why would they choose to watch them online. Here are seven strategies to help you get the most from video marketing in your small business.

  1. Be authentic. Be yourself…don’t try to act or be anything you’re not. Seems obvious, but I see a lot of businesses create videos that clearly don’t represent them. If you’re small, own your smallness. Don’t try to fake being big. If you’re filming a customer testimonial, tape the ACTUAL customer in their words. Don’t script it. Just be authentic. Simple.
  2. Use video to answer common questions. We all get the same questions over and over from potential clients. There’s nothing wrong with that, and those questions make great content for your videos. Put them on a page on your website and send prospects to it to get questions answered. You’ll leverage your time and you’ll serve your prospects by giving them the answers they want.
  3. Educate, educate, educate! Video is the best way to attract your prospects at the very beginning of the buying cycle…when they’re looking for information. That’s the ideal time to attract them and capture them as a lead in your system. (Mainly because your competitors won’t do the work to grab them and follow-up this early in the process.) Once you’ve got them, you can send them emails with links to more educational videos. Each one builds relationship with the prospect AND allows you to set the buying criteria in their minds before there’s much competition.
  4. Pick your keywords to get ranked quickly. Video is absolutely amazing for getting you ranked on the first page of Google’s search results. I’ve seen it happen for clients in as little as 18 minutes. Typically within a week or two they are showing up in more than one spot on the first page…that’s what we call domination. Critical to getting results like that are the keywords you use to help the search engines find your video. If you pick a keyword with 1 or 2 million competing web pages you’ll have a tough time getting ranked. But if you pick a keyword with few competitors it might not have any traffic. Choosing keywords is an art…be patient it takes time to develop the skill.
  5. Distribute to YouTube and beyond. YouTube is great and your videos should go there first. But don’t stop there. You’ve invested time and money to create a video. Leverage your investment by putting it on the 10-15 top video sharing sites on the web. The search engines LOVE these video sites and will often find your video there and rank it high. Maximize your chances of being found.
  6. Use video as a shortcut to creating other forms of content. Every video I create is transcribed and turned into an article. For each 2.5 minutes of video you’ll get about 500 words typed. The article can be posted to your blog or to article marketing sites around the web for even more search engine juice. I also strip the audio portion out of every video and post it as a podcast to the top 4 podcast directories on the web. Again, 2.5 minutes of work is going to be sent to up to 30 places on the web…all pointing back to my website.
  7. Use video to get more clients to your other social media channels. Facebook is a fan of video too. Every video you create can be posted to your Facebook page and shared with your followers on Twitter and LinkedIn. Those three sites in particular are great distribution points to get your message out beyond your followers.

In the end, it’s your authentic message that gets clients. Your videos are the perfect place to communicate your message and give value to your prospects.

Your Homework

Step 1 is to understand how video marketing fits with your strategy to get more clients. From there you need to spend some time thinking through what types of information will attract your ideal clients and help them navigate the buying process. This can be very simple if you’re selling gifts for example…or very complex if you’re selling enterprise computer software.

Step 2 is to identify and acquire the tools you’ll need and build a system to make it easy to create, edit and distribute your videos. At a minimum you’ll need a camera, a lapel mic, editing software and distribution software (this saves hundreds of hours vs. uploading each video to every video sharing site). For a little more money you can get an inexpensive lighting kit and green screen to create your own studio.

Step 3 is to do the work. You’ll need to invest time and thought into the content you’ll deliver in your videos. You’ll also need to invest some time in shooting, editing and distributing the videos. Choose your keywords by asking “if I were a prospect how would I search for my solution?”. Think in terms of the problem you solve, not the product or service you offer.

If you’re antsy to get more clients online and build an authentic relationship with them, you’ll want to find out more about the “Local Domination Video Marketing System”, a system we created to give you the tools you need to launch your video marketing program and be successful. It guides you through the process of developing compelling content for your videos, teaches you how to shoot them and then takes care of the often complex editing, keyword selection and distribution tasks for you. To learn more about the system send an email to to schedule a “Get Acquainted” telephone session.