The #1 Problem with Your Website...

If your website is like many of the ones I visit on a regular basis, it needs an update.  Just today I was on a website that had so many different directions I got a headache reading it.  Far too often as entrepreneurs we try to cover EVERY possible target customer, but end up with no focus and no customers (I know because 5 years ago that was me). When was the last time your website made the sale for you?  If your answer... wasn’t today, yesterday or the day before, you have some changes to make.  In the past, just having a website was enough to set us apart from the competition, but not in today's competitive environment.  Today, not only do we have to speak to our customers, we have to get them to believe in us and our ability to solve their problems.

The majority of Internet users are online to find answers to questions or problems, just look at the number of searches on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines.  Companies spend large amounts of money to have their website "return" at the top of a specific search, but if your prospective customer clicks to your site and finds a confusing have lost them…and wasted a TON of money.  So what can you do to keep your prospective customers engaged in your site?

First, scan your site and look for any reference to “I” or “we.”  Any  information that focuses on you or your company has to go.  Then, replace it with information that helps the customer identify the problem that you can solve.  As your customer reads your website, you want the customer to agree with the statements and begin to establish you as the expert.  People buy from companies with whom they feel are experts in their field (which is why having a website catered to everyone never works).

In my next post, I will talk about the importance of your website layout and how it can have an impact on your marketing.