The #1 Reason Ads Fail

A prospect confided in me...

"Business is down Steve, and we're spending more on advertising then ever before. You've seen our TV ads...are they good?"



I hear this or some variation on it all too often. Then I get a look at the ad (doesn't matter if it's on TV, radio, the Web, magazine, email or Facebook) and the problem is obvious.

There's no clear next step for the prospect (what us marketing geeks refer to as a "call to action").

The ad's got some branding (like a logo), a cute tagline and some pictures that some ad agency creative type thought meant something.

But they forgot the one and only purpose of the sell something!

Yes, that's right. The One and ONLY purpose of all of your marketing is to make a sale not to...

  • Get the word out
  • Put your name out there
  • Build your brand
  • Create awareness
  • Build buzz

The last time I checked you can't deposit name recognition, brand awareness or buzz in your bank account.

If you don't tell your prospect clearly and specifically what to do next to hire you, your ad won't be with the paper (or pixels) it's printed on.

Go check all of your ads right now...are you missing any calls to action?

Get 'em fixed pronto.

You're probably wasting $$

Got an ad that's not working as well as it should?

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Like the lottery, the only way to lose is not to play.

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Steve Gordon