The #1 Roadblock to Systems-based Selling

In the last issue, I shared the secret to systems-based selling…selling where YOU don’t have to sell.

But there IS a catch.

When you force a decision you discover two things…

You find out who’s ready to buy now.

AND you find out who’s not.

Everybody wants the “who’s ready now.”

Most fear the “who’s not,” “who never will be” and “who never was” a prospect.

Before you force the decision, they’re all prospects…

Or, at least, you can convince yourself they’re all prospects.

Once you make them decide, you see reality. Your funnel may not be as full as you’d like.

So you “hold onto” those phantom prospects in your contact list…hoping one day, they’ll come around.

So, what’s the barrier to systems-based selling?

It’s not the phantom prospects and it’s not fear of the reality that your funnel isn’t so full…

It’s that if you force the decision and some say no, you don’t have a steady, predictable way of replacing them.

Fix the flow…and the system can begin selling for you.