The 2% Solution

For the vast majority of businesses, big success is just a handful of clients away. If you're in the high-ticket, high-value game sometimes just one client a month, retained over time, can put you on the path to double in size.

Yet, when you talk about marketing, suddenly, the business owner who would be ecstatic to add 10 or 20 or 30 high-ticket clients forgets the game that's being played...

And thinks..."I need to cast my net far and wide."

"Wide enough, and maybe I'll catch what I need."

And that thinking turns a simple problem into a complicated, obscure, impossible challenge.

Why? Because you can't see your target.

It's one of the reasons social media and Internet marketing are often little more than a distraction in high-ticket businesses.

If you only need a few dozen big clients, you don't need the need their names!

With 100, 200 or even 500 names of well chosen IDEAL prospects...that you know by can fuel all the growth you need for several years.

Don't make the simple complex. You're looking for the can ignore the 98%.


PS - In the next Lead Generation Sprint™ workshop I'll take 5 business owners and together we'll build a plan to go get their IDEAL clients. Click here to get on the early notification list.

Oh, and here's what one "Sprinter" said about our recently completed workshop...

"This workshop has really given me focus...I feel confident about the approach I am taking"

"When I registered for this webinar I was frustrated about how to proceed to target, contact and/or attract interest from the type of International Executives I am looking to work with, particularly as I need to get positive interest from professionals whose first language is not English.

What I found is the feedback from Steve and the other attendees was extremely energizing. I found it particularly helpful to get feedback on my own business as well as the 'brainstorming' effect that I felt from hearing other peoples goals and challenges.

This workshop has really given me focus and incisive ideas so I now know what I want to do and how I want to do it. I feel confident about the approach I am taking.

I would strongly recommend this program to anyone who wants concrete, practical information that allows them to achieve clarity and focus for setting up a dynamic lead generation referral system."

--Anna Cook, Director, International Executives