The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Lead Generators

I know you know the book "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" by the late Stephen Covey. The habits work well as a framework for building your lead generation plan.

In particular, Habit 4: Think Win-Win...

Very few businesses think win-win when trying to attract leads. They're selfish...even if they don't intend to be.

Yet, the best, most elegant, friction free lead attraction is win-win.

In fact, the principle is at the core of my Referrals on Autopilot™ philosophy.

In fact, it's win, win, win...a win for the prospect, a win for the referral partner and a win for you.

It's amazing how smooth and easy lead generation is when you apply this simple principle.

But the key is this...

The "win" for the prospect has to be a REAL win for them...not just one you imagine. And it works best when the win is more than: "They got the solution I provided...they have no more's a win!"

Sure it's a win, but everybody offers that win.

Be the one that offers a bigger win. A different immediate win, just for raising a hand and showing interest.

When you figure it out, you'll cease to have a lead generation problem.

marketing consultant steve gordon

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