The Cold Hard Truth About Your Business

The very first time I met my wife was on the 21st Century version of a blind date. Instead of being setup by Aunt Betty and Cousin Lulu we were "matched" by some computer in the cloud (and Aunt Betty could learn a few things from that computer).

Now mind you, I'm much more comfortable in front of an audience of 1000 than I am 1-on-1 with a nice looking woman I don't know.

It didn't take long to realize that she was a keeper so the challenge became keeping her interested and at dinner. If the date ended after the main course my chances of "converting" her to a second date was slim.

To complicate things further, I excused myself during dinner to use the restroom…when I return there's the head waiter smiling and flirting with MY date…competition!

As dinner continued it became clear that the only thing that could kill the date was one of those awkward pauses in the conversation that happen when two people who met a hour ago search for something to say.

But I had a strategy for this…

Ask questions…let her do all the talking…and smile.

The date lasted 7 hours and a short 51 weeks later we married.

So why is this important?

Because it reveals the cold hard truth about your business…

Nobody cares about it or you.

When you talk about you…how great you are, the awards you've won the collective centuries of experience your staff has…no one cares.

The date will be over quickly.

As soon as you change the conversation to "them"…speak their language…talk about their problems…empathize with their plight…you're in their world. Your safe…and you'll have THEIR ATTENTION for as long as you like.

I want you to do two things right now…

First, look at your website and ask yourself: "Is this talking about me or is it talking about them?"

Then, if it's talking about you, ask yourself this question: "What do I need to say to earn a second date?"

If you're stumped I've got a few slots open for 1-on-1 help.