Marketing Secret #7 - The Customer/Advertiser Plain English

You spent money to create a great website, run an ad in the industry magazine and you were on the radio, but how many customers did you get from those efforts?  More often than not, most business owners complain about the poor results of their advertising or marketing campaign. Why the poor results? Watch this....then continue below:

The problem with most advertising is that it is too general.  Everything from websites to magazine ads to radio advertisements are written and designed to appeal to a large crowd....not the select few who are customers.  What does your website say?  Is it truly focuced on the customer?  TEST YOUR SITE: go to your website and count the number of "we", "i" or me" variations you have on the website.

How many did you have?  If you have more than zero, you have too many!

Most of the advertising/marketing focuses on telling customers about us, but it should focus on solving the customer's problems.  People buy from us because we can solve a problem they have, not because we have been in business for 15 years for have a certain license, those are just confirming qualities.  Meaning, once the customers believe we can solve the problem, they want to verify we can do what we say (that is where the qualifications will be needed).

What does your marketing material say to your customers?