The Dirty Underbelly of Marketing

Have you noticed...there's a dirty underbelly of marketing that few want to admit. I don't mean the sleeze-balls selling garbage.

No, the dirty underbelly of marketing is a little four letter word...


Successfully attracting clients is WORK.


And sometimes it's dirty.

And that's the beauty. 'Cause the next time you're at the industry meeting and you look to your left...then look to your right.

You can bet that the person on either side of you isn't willing to do the work.

What a tremendous advantage you have...all you have to do is DO THE WORK to get and stay in front of your IDEAL clients. The rest will take care of itself...time pays dividends.

Now there are two ways to do this work.

You can do it yourself...hard, manual labor over and over again, month after month.

Nothing wrong with that.

That's how it got done until just a few years ago.


You can do it once (design it once...mastermind it once)...and let "the system" do it over and over FOR YOU.

Either way the work's got to get done if you want the clients.


PS - If you've seen all the hype about marketing automation, but never really been able to make it work for you post a comment and tell me where you're hung up...I may be able to get you unstuck.