The Dr. Frazier Crane Guide to Getting More Clients

Ok, I'm dating myself here…but you remember "Cheers" right? And the spin-off sit-com "Frazier"?? Dr. Frazier Crane, an esteemed (at least in his own mind) psychiatrist who made himself famous on the radio. (If you're too young to remember just Wikigoogle it).

Anyway, the good Doc, solved lots of people's problems, with nothing more than a couch and a notepad.

Somedays, I feel like I'm more in his business, than in marketing.

The marketing part is easy. There are proven methods, strategies, messages and offers in just about every market.

That's not what holds people back.

More often it's the story playing in the entrepreneur's own head that keeps the clients away.

Sometimes the ego, that demands a certain image be portrayed in marketing (real estate and financial services folks listen up…they ain't buying because of your picture in the ad).

Sometimes it's fear of success. I've had more than one business owner tell me they didn't want to run a campaign because it might work too well! What!?

Are you kidding?

Some just can't figure out what they want to do…so they stall.

Many are simply afraid that they'll look bad if it doesn't work. (Fear of putting yourself out there…)

Still others are just so confused with all of the options for attracting clients that they fail to master ONE, in the pursuit of many.

All of that's OK…it's part of the gig if you're going to create something. And everybody creating something important deals with a mental demon sooner or later. But you've got to get past it. And get some clients in the mean time!

That's where ol' Doc Gordon comes in.

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In the words of Dr. Frazier Crane…"The doctor is in"

marketing consultant steve gordon
marketing consultant steve gordon