The Effortless Way To Sell More

There are two ways to approach selling… The hard way.

And the easy way.

The hard way says: you make something or are expert at something so out you go into the world to sell your wares.

And when you get out there you often find…

People don't appreciate what you offer.

You think: "If they only understood, what I understand they'd value what I make so much more."

You think again: "They NEED my stuff."

Selling is hard.

It requires convincing, cajoling…if only you had a better "script" everything would be easier.

Selling shouldn't be so hard.

It should be effortless.

It should be easy.

And it can be.

But effortless selling has little to do with your script or your closing technique.

Effortless selling comes from your OFFER.

Want to sell more with less effort? Get a better offer.

(And by better offer I don't mean lower price. Price is one piece of your offer…it's not the most important and lower isn't always better. Low price is for the lazy.)

Focus your time on creating better offers…more closely aligned with what your people want.

That's how you make selling effortless.