The four phases of client attraction

On the story board in my office--where I do most of my planning visually--I've invested the last few days analyzing my own Clients On Autopilot system (yes...I eat the dog food, too). Laying it all out every few months where I can see it is the only way I know to understand how the whole system is operating.

And it's especially important now as I'm adding a number of new and important parts to the overall process I personally use to attract clients.

What's important for you isn't the specific parts I'm using, they may or may not apply to you. Instead, it's the structure of the thinking that matters...

I separate marketing systems into four units:

#1 - The Magnet and The Sifter - This is what I use to attract the right leads...the magnet attracts, the sifter ensures only the right prospects get through. You have to "tune" your magnet and calibrate your sifter to let the best prospects through.

#2 - The Orbit - Once they get through the sifter, they get put into orbit to grow our relationship.

#3 - The Client Experience - What happens after the sale...what systems exist to deliver an amazing experience to your clients.

#4 - Client Reactivation - Giving well served, happy, past clients new and valuable reasons to come back.

On April 23rd, I'm working with 5 businesses to help them get a solid plan for Phase 1 (The Magnet and The Sifter) and Phase 2 (The Orbit). Registration is open for the next Lead Generation Sprint™. Grab your seat at the "virtual" table...