The Keystone Pipeline and your marketing

There's a big controversy here in the U.S. over the Keystone Pipeline...a giant pipe connecting Canada's oil to our spigot. The pipeline is still on the drawing board, stuck because of fear of something deadly (gasp!)...


Leaky pipelines are bad news.

And I guarantee your prospect pipeline leaks...they all leak.

Some a trickle...most like Niagara.

And, frankly, leaks are damn expensive.

You go to all the trouble to get a lead...I mean really, someone who expresses some interest in what you’re selling.

You go to all that trouble, then, in a moment of confusion, when they don't immediately trip over themselves to empty their wallet in your lap you think "!"

It's as if Will Smith walked up and flashed that mind eraser doohickey from Men In Black in front of forget you even had a lead.

Expensive mistake.

And understandable.

It's difficult to know what should happen next. How should you follow-up? Do it the wrong way and the positioning you created to get the lead is destroyed and any future sale along with it.

Even if you know what to do next, implementing it is work. Following up for six-months or a year or five takes thought and planning.

I've been selling high-dollar, complicated "stuff" for 20 years (don't do the age's not pretty), I've made every mistake you can think of and in the process figured out the few things that actually work.

The things you'll actually implement.

On April 23rd, I'll be creating customized plans for a few. Join me.