The Magic Cookie Recipe - How Education Based Marketing Works

In a client meeting yesterday we were working through the concepts of education based marketing and my very smart client deconstructed the strategy this way... He called it the "Magic Cookie Recipe."

He said "I've been watching what you do in your daily emails and I've figured it out..."

"In almost every email you say 'I've got this magic cookie, it's really delicious and magical...and here's the recipe.'"


The fancy marketing term for that is education based marketing.

Many business people fear education based marketing because they think..."If I tell 'em how to do what I do, why do they need me?"

That's bad thinking.

Knowing what to do and having the desire and ability to do it yourself at a master level are different.

I "know" how to play golf...but you won't see me on TV on Sunday afternoons.

I "know" how to fill out a tax form...but I won't be doing it myself this April.

I told my client this yesterday: "There's nothing new under the sun. You can learn anything for less than $100 at your local bookstore (and often for free at the library)."

Your IDEAL clients are not DIYers. They don't WANT to do it themselves. They WANT someone else--maybe you--to do it for them.

So why educate?

'Cause an educated prospect is a good prospect.

An educated prospect (if you educate them) understands why paying a premium for you is a steal vs. getting the low-ball guy down the street.

An educated prospect has few objections when they're ready to buy.

An educated prospect will (usually) get better results after they buy.

But the most important reason to do education based marketing is this...while you're educating them you have their attention.

And no one else can!

marketing consultant steve gordon

PS - If you're in a business that relies on referrals, education based marketing will make you stand apart like no other strategy. The truth is, almost no "referral businesses" do it well...big opportunity for you.

For my step-by-step system for using education based marketing to get loads more referrals...and turn them into clients check out: