The Most Valuable Thing I Do Every Day

Like you my days are packed and running over...never enough time to get it "all" done. But there is one thing that I do everyday that I wouldn't give up if you paid me.

It's the one thing that makes it all work.

And, since this is a marketing letter, I'll tell you a little's the one thing that makes every one of my marketing pieces work.

My little, most valuable, secret is this...

A simple 3x5 card.

Each night I make a list of the things that must be done the next day on this little card and that's part of the magic...but the card is essential.

I used to try to stay focused with an app...

Before that a planner (I've tried them all).

But nothing has aided me in creating more progress, profound progress than this simple little half-cent notecard.

Here's why...

No room for clutter.

There are only 10 lines (I usually use half).

I get 5 slots to advance my corner of the world forward each day.

Not a PDTL of 30 or GTD lists of hundreds, but 5 slots.

The truth I've discovered...If you're doing more than about 5 things a day you're probably not doing much important work.

And if you get those five things done...the right five things, mountains step aside, seas part and forests yield to your advance.

Not a bad return on a half-cent a day investment.


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