The Paradox of Narrowing Your Market

Subscriber Kent, wrote in response to last week's message on narrowing your market to a tightly defined niche... Kent smartly noted that...

“If [prospects] don't see themselves in your description of your niche, they won't be attracted to the message, and you end up chasing instead.

If one sub-niche is, say, high-variety/low volume manufacturers, a prospect might fit, but just consider themselves a widget maker.

They may even screen potential prof services based on their understanding of widget-making machinery to the exclusion of other attributes which fit that they are oblivious to.”

All of this is narrow your market on demographics only. Things such as age, industry, company size, location...the "physical properties" of the prospect.

These properties are helpful, but only take you so far.

To really focus on your ideal clients you must also consider their thinking--psychographics.

Hard to see from the outside for sure. So don't try to see it from the outside.

Instead build disqualification filters...

You see, marketing is more about disqualifying prospects whose thinking isn't compatible with your business model than it is about qualifying the prospects who do fit.

The filter catches the prospects who simply don't value what you uniquely deliver...and lets pass those that highly value what they can only get from you.

The trick is in creating something that they can only get from you. Think you can't do it in your business? Ok...that's your mental model.

But there is a laboratory on nearly every street corner in the developed world where you can study how to sell an actual commodity at premium prices...and build an empire doing it one cup at a time.

It can be done. Your job is to figure out how.

In two days I'll be opening enrollment for the next Lead Generation Sprint™...a 5-person virtual workshop where we work together to create an action plan for attracting your ideal clients.

Stay tuned...

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