The Power Of This One Thing

How many different ways are you trying to use to get clients? 3, 4, 5, 20?

For most there's networking, "prospecting" (a fancy way to say cold calls), social media, SEO, PPC, direct mail, print...

I'm all for diversity of client acquisition, in fact, I think it's essential to time.

But approach it the right way.

Don't be like the business owners I see dipping a toe in the water to "try out" a half-dozen or more methods of getting clients.

They never get beyond the toe. There's no depth of experience or real success with any of them. They're on to the next one in hope of a quick fix to the not-enough-clients problem.

It's much more powerful to pick the one thing you're going to master and make it really work.

Maybe it takes a year...then add the next.

You'll find you actually gain speed and momentum with mastery.