The Real Reason Clients Buy

At least once a week, I'm on the phone with an entrepreneur and I ask a question that completely stumps them. Stops them dead in their tracks.

This week's stumper is "Why do they hire you?"

Simple question.

But when posed to this smart business person he was rendered speechless.

Now, like any good interrogator, I knew the answer before I asked the question. And before I share it with you, pause now and answer it for yourself.

I'll wait.

. . .

OK…got your answer? Still speechless, like the hero of our story?

Here's the answer for our hero, and I'll bet a nickel it's good for you too…

"They hire you because of the relationship."

But how do we use this (common) knowledge? There are four steps to developing any relationship.

First, they have to KNOW who you are.

Then, they have to decide to like you (or not…either answer is fine).

Next, they learn to TRUST you (or not).

Finally, they take a next step.

The sole purpose of your "marketing" is to take people through those four steps.

So the next time someone says you should be doing this thing or that ask yourself…does it enhance my relationship with the clients I want?