The Simplest Method Known for Building a Marketing System

On Friday, I gave you the framework for selecting media. Today, let's look at how to build an experience, a system for taking the people who respond to your ads (print, direct mail, online, social media, radio, TV, networking...) and turning them into clients.

This is often the hardest part.

You got a lead...they're not ready to buy, yet. What are you going to do with them?

These days, most simply put them into an email autoresponder and think “Great! I'm done.”

Sure that can work, but how could you create a sales and marketing experience worth talking about? Worth remembering...worth becoming your client?

If you're thinking I've got the answer in this email, sorry to disappoint.

It's not easy.

Nor do great client conversion systems happen overnight. They develop over time. You try a few things, keep what works, build on them, rinse repeat.

But what if you're starting from nothing?

Where might you get ideas?

On Friday, I gave you two great examples--Stansburry Research and Rosetta Stone.

There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of good examples.

Want to see how they're turning leads into clients?

Respond to their ads. Call the 800 number. Go to the website. Spend a couple of bucks to get their entry offer.

Then see where they take you.

Are they driving you to a phone appointment next? To a higher priced or complimentary product or service?

Did they take you from an offline ad to a website? Or from a free offer on the web to a second offer that asks for your mailing address?

If they get your mailing address, do you get something in the mail?

As you go deeper in their process, how are you treated differently based on how much you're willing to spend?

Last fall, I did this with a company called MindValley and the number of different touches, messages and offers I got was a graduate level education in persistent, valuable marketing.

Now, before you say, "Steve, those are product companies and I'm different..." stop yourself. In every well crafted sales process there's something you can take and apply to your business.

Here's the point...if all you're doing is plain-jane follow up with everyone, you're going to get plain-jane results. Figure out how to surprise your best prospects with a little something unexpected and getting clients gets easier.

Want some specific advice on how to build this kind of follow-up into your process? Join me for the next Lead Generation Sprint. There are just 5 seats around the table for this hands-on virtual workshop. The early notification list is growing...get on the list so you'll know the moment we open it up for registration.

marketing consultant steve gordon
marketing consultant steve gordon