The Soup-Nazi Was Wrong

Some have written to ask me if they should expel "less than IDEAL" prospects like the Soup-Nazi. Fair question.

Complex answer.

The ideologues among us would insist that you send them on their way, and fast.

They say that if you're focused on a single target market that you should shun everyone else.

I disagree.

I say shun the non-believers.

But are clients outside your sweet-spot non-believers? Not necessarily.

The purpose of focusing on a tight definition of your IDEAL client is to tune your marketing…your human to human communication…to the IDEAL humans you want to attract.

But the signal bleeds around the edges. It hits the "less-than-perfect" prospects and attracts some.

That's OK… You'll find new opportunities close by when you interact with these slightly off-target prospects.

But you've got to be the judge--case by case.

You'll let some in and open new doors…and you'll let some in and wish you had not.