The #1 Source Of Stress In Business

...and in life... Comes down to one thing.

Uncertainty about the future.

About a future outcome.

It's why you hesitate to invest in this marketing campaign or that one.

You're uncertain of the outcome. I can't tell you how many times I've had a business owner sit across the table from me and say: "If I knew it would work, I'd do it."

Well folks...if you knew what would work and what would fail every advance this whole game of business (and life) would be easy.

Risk free.

You can't eliminate the risk or the uncertainty.

But you can eliminate the feeling of stress.

On Saturday, November 9th (six days) bestselling author and world renowned speaker Dr. Srikumar Rao will show you how.

His 1-hour webinar will have a profound impact on how you approach the uncertainty and risk that creates the feeling of stress.

If you are feeling or have ever felt the stress of an uncertain outcome that hangs over your head then I urge you to join me on this webinar with Dr. Rao.


PS - This isn't your typical passive...sit back and listen for an hour webinar. This webinar will actually be a mini-workshop...Dr. Rao will directly work with and help those who want to participate.

Unfortunately, that kind of interaction comes at a price. No, not a monitory price...a limit on the number of people we can have on the webinar.

After just one invitation we're nearing capacity on the webinar line (yes a lot of "goo roos" say that when it simply isn't true...but really we've got exactly 100 spots on this webinar and they're almost gone).

NOTE: The webinar is over. To learn more about Dr. Rao click here.