The Timid Need Not Apply

The timid need not apply I was driving about town today and happened to glance out the window and noticed…

Massive tectonic upheaval in our economic world.

Have you seen it?

It's forcing regular folks to rethink their entire approach to life.

Some have re-thought and decided to crawl in a nearby hole until it blows over.

Others stand there stunned at what's happening…trying to understand the chaos.

Many are starting to see the path forward. But it's not easy.

The time we're moving into is radically different than the one we're leaving. It's a time when trust and leadership are being valued over almost every other quality.

Everything else has been commoditized.

The problem…leadership ain't for the timid.

The guy in front gets bugs and bullets in his teeth.

The guy in front has to stand for something.

The guy in front will make people love him…and hate him.

And…the guy in front will be among the winners when the dust settles.

IF you want to make the economic trend du jour irrelevant…be the guy (or gal) in front.