Understanding These Signs of Marketing Success

I had an interesting conversation with a client yesterday that's worth sharing. We spent 30-minutes reviewing what's happened since we launched two of his marketing "oil wells."

He said..."I sent 40 letters and got 2 responses. I just don't know if it's working."

He goes on...

"And I called a few people who got letters from me in January and have been getting my monthly newsletter. One guy thanked me for sending the latest one. Said he and his wife set it aside to read and he needs to come see me."

When you're selling high-dollar products and services using marketing, that's what early progress sounds like.

Forty letters and two responses = a 5% response. That's a good start in my book.

If the numbers hold after a few more tests we should be able to mail 80 and get 4 (or more) and 120 and get 6...and up and up.

But here's where it gets fun. In three to four months, we now know we'll get 3-5 more from every group of 40 we send today. We've doubled response in maybe as little as 90 days.

Remember, we're testing small...results are small, but good.

Yet, here's the danger...

If you expect to mail 40 and get 35 responses, good luck. Sure it happens, but not often.

Look for the seeds of success. If you're building a marketing and selling SYSTEM the right way, those seeds can be grown predictably and profitably.

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