What Do You Believe?

Today in my country we're making an important choice about what we believe.

Have you thought about what you believe...about your business?

Have you communicated it to your clients and prospects?

Leaders stand for something...your clients want you to lead them.

What do you believe?

Here are 7 beliefs that are the foundation of my business.

Please hit share your beliefs in the comments.

#1 Clients not Customers

Customers are transactional...clients seek your wisdom and happily pay for it.

#2 The Fortune is in The Follow-up

The biggest opportunity you have is capturing all the money from all the clients you've already attracted.

#3 Money is Attracted to Speed

The marketing piece you launch today, however imperfect, is infinitely more valuable than the marketing piece that's still in your head.

#4 Consistency Over Creativity

Creativity is "neat"...consistency builds trust. Money does not change hands without trust.

#5 Focus on The Very Next Step

Acquiring a client is a process not an event. Ask yourself, what's the next logical step that moves that person closer to becoming a client.

#6 Branding is a By-Product

Nobody cares about your "brand." Make 'em an offer to solve a problem TODAY...rinse and repeat. Succeed at that and they'll remember your brand.

#7 Automation will set you FREE

Systems and automation are the only way to achieve the freedom you want in your business. Automation is not about software...it is a way of thinking about your business.

Happy Election Day!

Steve Gordon