Where to Find Clients

Ahhh…a question for the ages!

Where to find clients?

Should I look online? Facebook? Forums? LinkedIn?

Are they at BNI or the Chamber of Commerce meeting?

Maybe that trade show next month…

You may find clients in all of these places, but the best place to find them is at 2 am in their bedroom as they stare at the ceiling worried sick about this or that.

Figure out what "this" or "that" is and how you solve "this" or "that" problem and you've found yourself a client.

Or, more correctly…they'll find you.

But it all starts with CLEAR understanding of WHO your ideal client is (and who it is not)…AND,

WHAT, precisely, keeps them up at night and why.

Get clarity on these things…

Then, figuring out where to find clients is easy.

Learn how to find clients.

Steve Gordon