Why you should fire 96% of your clients today

And don't stop there... Quit doing 96% of what you're doing...today.

End 96% of your relationships.


So you can create space for growth.

Our old friend Vilfredo Pareto figured out that 80% of results come from 20% of inputs. But it goes deeper.

Inside the 20%, the 80/20 principle applies again...

Meaning 4% of your clients deliver 64% of your profits (80% of 80% is 64%...grab a calculator).

4% of the marketing effort delivers 64% of the new clients.

4% of your relationships give you 64% of the joy, fulfillment and satisfaction (personal and professional) in your life.

And on and on.

In working with my clients there are just four areas we focus on.

  1. The IDEAL Client (who is your 4%)
  2. The Big Idea that moves your 4%
  3. Opening doors to opportunity (generating IDEAL Client leads)
  4. Simple follow-up...until IDEAL Prospects become IDEAL Clients

Unlock those four things and change comes fast.