You're asking the wrong marketing questions

The answers are easy… It's getting the questions right that is hard.

I've talked to four business owners over the last few days about the challenges with their marketing.

And each of those conversations started with this question:

"So how do you think I should be advertising…social media, TV, radio, direct mail?"

It's the wrong question.

See, the media you use is irrelevant unless and until you have a clear (and I mean CRYSTAL CLEAR) understanding of WHO your ideal client is (and who your ideal client is not).

But that's not enough.

You also need to know, with all the certainty of the sunrise in the east, what big hairy problem their having today that you can solve for them.

So the questions to ask are…

Who is ideally suited to the solution I offer? Why?

What value do they derive from my solution? Why is it valuable to them? (The reasons are not usually obvious.)

How valuable is it to them? Worth sacrificing to get, or just nice to have?

How do THEY talk about their problem? All of you experts reading this are especially afflicted (I've been there too) because you talk in gibberish only you understand.

Why should they buy from you and not the guy or gal down the street?

Why don't they buy from you? (Many sales to be made with the answer to this question.)

Answer these and THEN you can ask…

Where can I find them? Using what media?

Any earlier and the answers are irrelevant.


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